Sisters House of Galore – The Best Place to Buy False Eyelashes

No look is ever complete without those super cool fake eyelashes that add definition to your eyes. We got the bushiest lashes for you that come in all lengths and sizes. Our 25mm mink lashes make you look strikingly hot no matter where you go.

From the little ones that are good for the office to the thickest ones that go perfectly for the wedding, our collection is stacked with the best! Our Bad & Bougie Lashes are every girl’s ultimate pick to glam up in a subtle, yet extremely gorgeous way.

What’s the Luxe Lashes Hype All About

There’s so much to why fake eyelashes are an essential part of your makeup collection and it is something you can’t attend a party without. Be it a casual brunch out with friends, or the Christmas Eve party, you can wear the Luxe Lashes whenever you want. And well, Sisters House of Galore is the best place to buy false eyelashes for you!

  • Unlike the harmful chemicals that apply directly to your natural eyelashes with mascara, fake lashes are, by far, a safer option for you
  • Keep your makeup look the freshest even after the party’s over. With Luxe lashes, there’s no chance your liner and mascara can get streaked
  • Stay cool and keep your makeup from smudging even in the hottest summers when you’re sweating uncontrollably
  • For a no-makeup look, wear the most subtle fake lashes and have your eyes do the rest
  • You get to choose from a number of variants including plastic, mink, human hair, and more that give you the most comfort and style
  • Define your eyes with the most voluminous mascara to make them look bigger and bolder
  • Waking up when you want to sleep makes your face look tired and our mink lashes are to fix exactly that!
  • Give your overlook that oomph you need to look extra gorgeous and majestic
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